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Dr. Eric Alvarez can perform an extensive array of services using the latest technologies available to help you achieve oral health and a beautiful smile. He also provides preventative and general dentistry for kids 8 yrs and older.

Crowns, Bridges, Implants, & Mercury Free Fillings

  • Crowns are used primarily to save fractured teeth or teeth with a potential to fracture due to:  root canal treatments, large cavities, or even large existing fillings.  However, crowns can also be used to rejuvenate and improve smiles.
  • Bridges and implants are excellent choices to replace unsightly gaps caused by missing teeth. Unlike dentures, they are fixed and permanently cemented in your mouth.  Not replacing missing teeth may cause fractures, cavities and gum issues to surrounding healthy teeth.  
  • We offer our patients metal-free crowns, bridges, and implants, as well as the standard metal/porcelain combination.  Metal-free crowns are the preferred choice, especially for cosmetic areas. Our dentist will advise you on which option better suits your needs.
  • For improved health benefits and cosmetics, our office does only the white mercury-free fillings.  Ask us on your next visit how you can improve your smile by replacing old silver fillings.

Deep Cleanings & Non Surgical Gum Treatments

  • Deep cleanings are an important component of oral and overall health.  Research shows gums disease is an infection that affects a large portion of our population in varying degrees.  It has been linked to heart disease and Alzheimers.  Gum disease has many stages, and so the earlier the diagnosis and treatment, the better the prognosis. Deep cleanings, known as scalings, coupled with maintenance and home care are your first line of defense in treatment.
  • Site specific antibiotics, known as Arrestin, also aid in treatment of gum disease.  These are painlessly placed in the affected gum tissue in order to kill bacteria that cause infection and inflamation.  No numbing or recovery time is required.  Ask the dentist if you are a candidate for this form of therapy. Tell your dentist if you are pregnant, nursing, or have allergies to drugs related to tetracyclines.

Veneers, Bondings, & Whitening

  • Veneers are a thin porcelain laminate made in the lab and bonded to the front of affected teeth.  They are the treatment of choice for improving smiles when teeth:
    • are discolored or stained
    • have an unattractive shape
    • have unattractive spacing
    • do not respond to whitening procedures
  • Bondings are completed in a single visit and are made of a white bonding material that is not porcelain.  They improve the appearance of teeth when the conditions listed above exist minimally.   
  • Zoom 1 Hr. in-office whitening procedures or take-home whitening trays are simple, safe, ADA approved, and a cost effective way to whiten and revive a yellowing smile.  These are stronger and more effective than any other product sold outside of a dentist’s office.   Due to the low cost and high success of these products, many patients whiten first before considering any other cosmetic smile makeover. Call our office to schedule yours today!

Root Canals And Dentures

  • A root canal is a procedure that removes the dying infected nerve tissue from inside a tooth that may or may not be painful. This may be an alternative to pulling or losing a tooth.  Root canalled teeth need crowns to prevent against fractures.  A tooth may need a root canal when there is:
    • pain or a large cavity present
    • existing large filling present
    • infection present
  • There are many types of removable dentures that can be made to suit your specific needs.  We can make:
    • full dentures to replace a whole jaw of missing teeth
    • partial removable dentures to replace 1 or a specific number of teeth  
    • metal-free and hook-free removable partial dentures (most flexible and lightest in weight of all options).